Category: Swift

This category contains the tutorials of the Swift programming language. It is open-source, general-purpose, compiled programming language developed by Apple Inc. The language is useful to write codes for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and Linux. Also Writing codes is interactive and fun, the syntax is concise yet expressive, and it includes all the modern features. The developers of Katpara Enterprise have written this series tutorial in a fashion that most of the audience including new and experienced will understand easily.

Swift: Arrays

Katpara Enterprise - Swift Programming - Arrays

Swift provides 3 inbuilt collection types; Arrays, Sets and Dictionaries. Arrays Arrays are ordered collections, where…

Swift: Data Types

Katpara Enterprise - Swift Programming - Data Types

Data types or types in general, is a classification of data, which tells what type of…

Swift : Variables & Constant

Katpara Enterprise - Swift Programming - var and let

This tutorial is written for the variables and the constants, how to declare and use them. It also…

Swift : Hello World!

Katpara Enterprise - Swift Programming - Hello World

Welcome back! The objective of this tutorial is, to learn how to create a swift project,…

Swift : Setting up

Katpara Enterprise - Swift Programming - Setup

Swift is an open-source programming language created by Apple Inc. The language is used, to write programs for…